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The Fishery will re-open on Wed 2 March 2016

New Opening Times are as follows:

Wed – Sun 10am to 5pm

Closed Mon & Tue (unless public holiday)

Evening Fishing by prior arrangement only




The fishery will be closed from 1 Dec 2015 until 1 March 2016 for the winter period, unless by prior arrangement, Parties wishing to book in during this time should contact the fishery on 07787 853903.
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2 June 2014

With the abundant insect life on the water at the moment the fish can be seen rising, particularly in the evenings, on both lake and ponds. Anglers who want to spend the day fishing are mainly choosing catch and release tickets to avoid catching their fish too quickly. The most successful flies have small buzzers and nymphs.

Among the top catches were Matthew Agnew from Lisburn had twenty-seven and A. Siema from Newtownards who released twenty-eight and kept two for 4lb. Chris Simpson and J. Pollins from Belfast hooked fifteen and twenty respectively. Paul McConville from Carryduff caught twenty-three and kept two for 5lb.Billy Gordon from Belfast released twenty-two. Ryan and Darren Esler from Bangor caught twenty-five between them. John Smart from Moneyreagh took twenty-four. Chris Hyslop and Brian Sloan from Annalong caught eighteen between them and Hugh Thompson from Comber had sixteen.

Most bait anglers are also catching their quota, Angus Gilliland from Newtownards had two for 4lb 10oz. D and L Leckey from Lisburn had four for 6lb.Kenny Grant and Andrew Murdoch from Downpatrick caught six for 8lb. Ali Montgomery and John Ward from Killinchy caught five for 7lb.

With the improving weather family tickets have been very popular. The Boyd family from Belfast caught nine. The Riddell family from Belfast caught seven. The Hurst family from Banbridge took six as did the Kearney family from Downpatrick and the Cooper family from Belfast.

The youngest angler to catch a fish was three year-old Rory White from Moneyreagh who proudly banked a 1lb trout.


For further information contact 028 97510654 or 07787853903






28 April 2014

As the water temperature increases the fish can be seen rising in both the lake and ponds. Most anglers are taking advantage of this by choosing catch and release tickets. Largest catch in one day goes to Mark Murray from Ballygowan with ninety caught on a black Midge, closely followed by Jordan Pyper from Ballynahinch with seventy-four on a Montana. Also on catch and release Alan Kirkpatrick from Bangor had fifty-seven. Neil Jackson from Ballygowan had thirty-five. Ken Smyth from Carryduff had twenty-five. G. and A. Burden from Kilkeel caught forty between them. Gordon and Jim Armour from Belfast caught twenty-seven and twenty-nine respectively. Billy Campbell from Belfast took thirty and Paul, Chris and Mark McConville from Carryduff caught a total of thirty-six.

Over the Easter holiday a large number of children visited the fishery, some trying angling for the first time. Family tickets were most popular, the Pettinger family from Belfast caught eight. The Hamilton and Rutherford families from Moneyreagh came together and left with four fish each. The Currie family from Temple and the Hanley family from Dromara each caught six and the Hamilton family from Drumbo caught four. The Toner family from Saintfield chose to fish the Children’s Pond and ended the day with twelve fish for 15lb.

5 April 2014

From the start of April the fishery will be open in the evening until dusk or 10.00pm whichever is the earliest. With the better weather the boats are in use more often and are free of charge Monday to Thursday. Fly has been the most popular method over the past few weeks with Damsel Nymph, Hare’s Ear and Cat’s Whisker being the most successful.

Billy Campbell from Belfast was top on catch and release when he hooked forty-two fish. Martin Craig from Holywood caught twenty, Eugene Toner from Carryduff caught fifteen and Ian Duncan from Holywood had twelve. Paul Hilditch from Killyleagh also had twelve.

Some anglers have reprtoed a number of large over0wintered fish in the lake, these have caused a few broken lines but managed to evade capture. Among the catches was Gerry King from Belfast with two for 5lb . Aaron Finlay from Belfast had two for 4lb. Tony Cairnduff from Killinchy also had two for 4lb. Alan Toner from Carryduff caught three for 5lb. Paul McConville from Carryduff had two for 4lb. Julie Steen from Newtownards took three for 6lb and Timothy McDowell from Belfast had four for 6lb.

On the Children’s Pond Josh Ellis from Belfast had five, Scott Smart from Moneyreagh had three and Thomas Coogan from Belfast caught two.

10 September 2013


Evening fishing will finish at the end of September and from 1st October the fishery will close at 5.00pm. The special offer of free boats Monday to Thursday has proved very popular and will continue throughout the winter. Over the summer holidays a large number of children have tried angling for the first time and caught their first fish.

Top catch of the week went to Paul O’Donnell from Belfast who banked a 6lb and a 4lb trout from the lake.

On catch and release Maddy McMurray from Belfast had thirteen. Ian Ellis from Belfast and Bryce Campbell from Ballygowan had ten. Mark Davidson from Newtownards had nine. James Barbour from Belfast, Ian Gordon from Saintfield and Neil Latimer from Armagh all had six.

Top catches on Family tickets went to the Murphy family from Belfast who finished the day with twelve fish and the Gibson family, also from Belfast, who caught eight.

The heaviest fish from Maggie’s Pond was caught by Matthew Mills from Belfast and weighed 3lb 8oz.

From the Children’s Pond Paul, Stephanie and Victoria Burns from Killyleagh between them caught fourteen fish. Also from the Children’s Pond Paul Smyth from Newcastle caught three for 3lb 8oz, Katie and Thomas O’Donnell from Belfast caught four for 6lb and Tyler Rea from Lisburn caught three for 4lb 8oz.

Eddie Donnelly from Comber caught three for 5lb 10oz from the lake and Tommy Jackson from Belfast had three for 5lb.



15 July 2013


Despite high water temperature and strong sunlight plenty of fish are still ending up in the net. A party of eleven young men from Youth Action NI in Belfast fished both bait and fly and ended the day with thirty-two fish. The Carson family from Belfast caught seven fish, also on family tickets the Burgess family from Ballygowan caught six, the Shaw family from Belfast had four and the Nelson family from Bangor had three.



Catch and release remains one of the most popular tickets, Bobby Maguire from Belfast caught fifteen. Hugh Thompson from Comber had fourteen on each of two visits to the fishery. Jordan Hunter from Ballynahinch caught twelve. Tommy McIlkenny from Downpatrick kept two for 4lb and released eight. Ronnie McIlveen from Moneyreagh, Kenny Hynds and Billy Fitzgerald from Belfast all caught ten.


With the school holidays the Children’s Pond has been very busy. Steve and Kieran Austin along with Liam Edge from Moira caught six for 8lb. Owen and Aileen Campbell from Belfast caught four for 5lb 8oz. Eoin, Liam and Finton Moreland from Belfast had six for 8lb.Adam Admaniel from Belfast had three for 5lb.Ben Duncan from Lisburn caught two for 2lb 4oz.Six year-old Madison Holland from Newry caught two for 3lb. Reece Lundy from Downpatrick caught two for 4lb 8oz .G. and K. Patterson from Belfast had six for 7lb 8oz and a little girl called Rachel from Saintfield who is only four years old caught three for 4lb 8oz.

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27 May 2013


The water temperature has been slowly rising and fish are starting to show, particularly in the lake where there is already plenty of insect-life. A wide variety of flies have been tried but most successful are still the old favourites, Hare’s Ear, Cat’s Whisker, Montana and Damsel Nymph.


On the Fly Pond Joe Maitland from Belfast caught three for 6lb, one of which, with Joe’s guidance, was banked by his three year-old grandson Ryan. Ray Donaldson from Belfast took four for 8lb and Aaron Winters from Belfast caught three for 6lb. On catch and release Mr Ignas from Comber took twenty, Billy Irvine from Belfast had seventeen, Hugh Thompson from Comber had sixteen and Gareth McGaughan and Michael Dunphy from Carryduff had ten each.


From the lake Gerard, Gavin and Seamus Playford from Belfast had nine for 14lb.Kevin Craddock from Belfast took two for 3lb 8oz.Raymond and Zane Martin from Belfast had four for 8lb. Joe and Gerard McMullan from Belfast caught six for 7lb. The Armstrong family from Belfast had seven for 12lb and John Robinson from Belfast had one of 2lb 10oz.


On the Children’s Pond Michael, Louis and Estelle Marlow from Belfast each had two. Charlie Magee from Downpatrick also had two. Daniel Fitsimmons from Downpatrick took four. Adam Kirk from Lisburn caught five and the Shaw family from Belfast took a family ticket and left with seven fish.

Emma and Kathy Vennard from Comber


Frankie Hurst and Clarke O’Donnell from Belfast




Baillie’s Mills Boy’s Brigade  April 2013

Jim and Thomas Light from Belfast with three for 8lb 10oz from the Lake